Salt Odyssey Journey of Salts | Greek Salts Gift Set


A Journey Of Salts, Greek Edition by Salt Odyssey produces four of the finest Greek salts in one package of 4 plastic 2.82oz jars with aluminum lids. Perfect gift for the home chef.

1. Sea salt with Greek smoked paprika
2. Sea salt smoked in beechwood
3. Natural sea salt from Messolonghi
4. Prime sea salt – Fleur de Sel

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Sea Salt with Smoked Paprika
A luxurious, traditionally produced, smoked & dried paprika is mixed with Messolonghi sea salt using a special method, to create one of the most delicious salts available. Perfectly balanced flavor & extraordinary color are two characteristics of this award winning salt which will make your taste buds craving for more!

Beechwood Smoked Sea Salt
The best gourmet, multi-awarded salt available is made by naturally smoking pure sea salt in real beechwood for 140 hours, to create a powerful, intense, deliciously rich smoked salt. “Salt Odyssey’s” smoked fine sea salt is valued for its deep, smokey aroma, unique golden brown color & phenomenal flavor!

All Natural Sea Salt from Messolonghi
All-natural, unrefined crystallized sea salt that will give you the delicious savory taste you have been searching for. Originates from Messolonghi, an unpolluted environmentally protected area. The pure, solar-evaporated sea salt can be used as table salt, both in cooking & as a finishing salt. Feel the essence of pure in your plate!

Prime Sea Salt – Fleur de Sel
The purest & tastiest of all sea salts. Ancient Greeks called it “Anthos Alatos” hence the name Fleur de Sel. Skimmed off by hand from the salt ponds of Messolonghi, these luxurious, clean-tasting crystals surprise chefs & food professionals. With a velvety flavor & moist texture, it works miracles as a finishing salt.


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