• Classic Lemon Mayonnaise from Victoria Armory. Crafted with premium ingredients like fresh lemon juice, pressed olive oil and cage-free eggs to elevate your everyday meals into everyday feasts.Available at Spoonabilities.comInfoBuy

    Classic Lemon Mayonnaise by Victoria Amory 3-pack

  • Fine Herb Mayonnaise - Use it to make a delicious egg salad, dip with shrimp and on top of crab cakes. It is the perfect sauce with grilled salmon and swordfish, on Grilled Potatoes, Tuna Melt or Panini, on top of vegetables - More uses and recipes at @Spoonabilities $6.99InfoBuy

    Fine Herb Mayonnaise by Victoria Amory 3-pack

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
  • Hot Pink Mayonnaise delicious to use as dips, to spread on sandwiches and to serve with seafood. More uses and recipes at @Spoonabilities $6.99InfoBuy

    Hot Pink Mayonnaise by Victoria Amory 3-pack

  • victoria amory Mayonnasise collection. Spoonabilities.comInfoBuy

    Mayonnaise Classic Collection – Victoria Amory 3-pack

  • Mayonnaise 3-pack Victoria Amory Gift Set. Flavors include Roasted Garlic, Hot Pink, & Fine Herb. Buy your foodie, or yourself, mayo inspired by Mediterranean flavors. Spoonabilities.comInfoBuy

    Mayonnaise Hot Pink Gift Set Victoria Amory 3-pack

  • Roasted Garlic Mayonnaise from Victoria Amory. Made with premium real ingredients. Take your meals to the next level. Great as a gift for your foodie friends. Spoonabilities.comInfoBuy

    Roasted Garlic Mayonnaise by Victoria Amory 3-pack


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