Meligyris Greek Honey Gift Set – Woodland Honey Sage, & Cretan Thyme Honey


Meligyris Greek Honey comes from the thick flourishing forests in the Cretan mountains where bees serenely feast on the different herbs growing in the woods. The result is a superior honey that can be seen, smelled, and tasted in every spoonful.

Meligyris Greek Honey Gift Set includes:

  • Woodland Honey with Sage
  • Cretan Thyme Honey
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Woodland Honey with Sage
From the Cretan woodlands of Greece, this honey with sage is a heavy bodied, light colored honey with mild but pleasant taste. Sage is a very common herb in Crete for its nutritional benefits: it prevents various diseases and offers vigorousness to the human body.

Cretan Thyme Honey
Meligyris Cretan Thyme Honey offers honey with a strong taste and a golden color. It is a premium honey with antibacterial attributes, very powerful for healing respiratory and digestive problems.

Size: 15.9 oz

Woodland Honey Sage:
Serve on bread and pancakes; as a spread with cinnamon and sesame; in juices, tea & smoothies. Drizzle over yogurt and fruits. Use as marinades for pork and meats; and add a sweet touch to your salad vinaigrette dressings.

Cretan Thyme Honey:
Use in daily cooking in almost every recipe. Serve as a topping on cheeses

Roasted Pumpkin Bisque
Pecan Pie Bundt Cake

Woodland Honey Sage
100% Pure Greek Cretan woodland honey with sage

Cretan Thyme Honey
100% Pure Greek Honey


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